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smile_arigatou [userpic]
Poston Thank You

Title: Poston Thank You
Author: smile-arigatou <3
Rating: PG-13 (for Nino's slight potty mouth)
Genre: Historical, AU
Pairing: OT5, Ohmiya, slight Sakuraiba
Summary: It's Nino's birthday in Poston, AZ

The summer heat shone down on the black barracks, making it near unbearable to breath inside. If it wasn’t for the open window, Nino was sure that he would have died from lack of air.

It also didn’t help that his boyfriend was fast asleep on top of him, making it hard for him to move.

“Satoshi,” he swore, swatting the top of the man’s head. “You’re making it hard to breathe.”

Satoshi grumbled and stirred, not awake to move but apparently awake enough to offer a comeback. “I’m glad I’m still able to take your breath away.”

“Ohno Samuel Satoshi, get off me!”

“It’s too early to be yelling!” an irritated Jun spoke up from across the room.

Nino was finally able to push Satoshi off him before he sat up. “Well then don’t yell back at me, princess.”

“Kazunari, don’t start,” Sho snapped. “Argue with him later.”

“Why? I like arguing at six in the fucking morning.”


“Oh, bite me, Matsumoto!”

Nino felt an arm wrap around his waist before Satoshi also sat up. “Give him a break, Jun,” he said half-asleep. “Don’t you remember? It’s Kazu’s birthday today.”

Nino froze. He completely forgot, but he was mostly shocked that his beloved had remembered. “How did you know?” he asked.

“Your sister wouldn’t shut up yesterday.”

“Ahh, so she’s planning something?”

“No, but I am.”

“God, you’re all saps,” Jun said, finally sitting up himself. “How can anyone stand you?”

“You’re the ones who asked us to move in.”

“I’m regretting that decision now.”

Sho groaned and sat up just as his sister started waking up. “What is wrong with everyone today?”

“Nino needs a birthday beating,” Jun answered, standing up to stretch. “He obviously needs it.”

Ohno smirked. “Don’t worry. I’ll do that later.”

“Shit, you two are gross.”

“Language, Matsumoto.”

It didn’t take long for the rest of the barrack to wake up, with three kids now wide awake and excited for the birthday celebration obviously happening soon. Mai was working on calming them down just as Masaki woke up and more family rushed in. “Happy birthday!” Mama cried, pulling her son into a hug. “You’ve gotten to be so big!”

“Mama, I’m only twenty-four,” Nino said. “It’s not like I’m thirty or something.”

“Don’t even think about getting that old yet!”

Once everybody was dressed and groomed, then the whole barrack went down to breakfast together. The children wouldn’t stop singing ‘Happy birthday to you’ even though Nino asked them many times to stop. When they were sitting at breakfast, Natsumi surprised her brother with a small melon-flavored cake, making the entire mess hall burst out in a loud chorus of ‘Happy birthday dear Kazunari~’.

Nino wanted the entire day to disappear.

Once breakfast was over, Masaki led the way back to the barrack so his cousin could open presents. Nino thought the entire fiasco was childish, but he dealt with it since he had no idea when he would next see Masaki after he left for training.

Nino got a lot of clothes, a new notepad, and a bunch of cinnamon and lemon candies provided by the children and women. Afterwards, everyone had to eventually go to work so the party ended just as quickly as it began. Nino had no time to get used to either adjustment, so it left him lonely for a few seconds.

He felt a small kiss land on his cheek before he saw Satoshi smiling happily at him. “I hope it was all okay.”

“Idiot,” Nino laughed. “It was fine. Just overwhelming.” He kissed him properly this time, planting a long kiss on Satoshi’s lips before releasing. “I’ll see you when you get home from work. Have a great day.”


Afternoons were usually Nino’s lazy time. It was too hot to do baseball, so Nino often found himself hanging out on the steps until everyone got home. Jun and the children were the first to come home.

“How was your day?” Jun asked as the three kids went inside.

“Good,” Nino responded. “Didn’t do much.”

Jun took off his jacket and joined him on the steps. “Have a good birthday?”

“Yeah, it was alright for an internment camp birthday.”

Jun nudged him. “Seriously.”

“Seriously. It was a good birthday. Thank you.”

Sho came home next and found the two men sitting talking, so he joined them. “These summers are terrible,” he complained. “I feel like I can hardly breathe.”

When Masaki came home, he sat in front of Sho and used his knees as a rest. “I’m going to miss you all,” he said. “Lazy days like this is what I live for. Hardly a care in the world.”

“There’s still lots of cares,” Sho said.

“Yeah, but time seems to stand still here,” Masaki explained. “It’s so quiet. The only thing missing is our large acres of strawberries, and it might seem like home.”

Satoshi was the last to come home, and he sat in front of Nino on the steps so he could lean his head back. “It’s so quiet today,” he said. “It’s so nice.”

Nino chuckled. “Aside from the heat though.”

“I think the heat is what makes it so quiet.”

Jun nodded. “I would agree with that.”

“Makes sense,” Sho added. “No one wants to come out.”

“The shade is actually pretty nice though,” Masaki told him. “Better than being in the sun at least.”

Nino looked over at the four men next to him and realized how there probably would never be another moment as perfect as this again. It felt so nice and comfortable, even in the terrible Arizona heat. As soon as Masaki left, then the perfectness of it would disappear.

But instead of moving, Nino only closed his eyes and leaned back, enjoying the warmth and atmosphere of those around him, wishing for one perfect second for it to never end.

I won Best Friendship Story in the Arashi FanFic Awards!! /dancescrazy
Well, technically it's a tie, but I never thought I would actually get something like a win so allow me to celebrate :3 however, the ones who deserve the congratulations is the people who voted for me. Thank you so much for voting when there were so many other amazing stories you could have picked. I still can't believe that it got the reception it got! It's amazing and very validating. You guys rock, and thank you so much for sticking with me and for picking me when Jadey is truly the best.
Until next time! Comments are love! Remember, you guys are amazing!


“Kazunari, don’t start,” Sho snapped. “Argue with him later.”

“Why? I like arguing at six in the fucking morning.”


“Oh, bite me, Matsumoto!”

“Nino needs a birthday beating,” Jun answered, standing up to stretch. “He obviously needs it.”

Ohno smirked. “Don’t worry. I’ll do that later.”

“Shit, you two are gross.”

“Language, Matsumoto.”

LOLOLOOLOLOLLL Matsumiya's potty mouths are the cause for higher story ratings xD
CONGRATULATIONS ON THE AWARD <33333333 THANK YOU FOR THE THANK YOU FIC <3 It's so bittersweet that Masaki's leaving but sweet nonetheless:)

is my favourite line too XD

thank you for writing the fics. you deserved it!

one day, very soon, when I'm not so swamped with work and life in general, I'm going to finish this series.


Omedetou!! I truly love your Poston!! 😊

I loved it! So cute and I guess Ohno will give him his present that night? ; )

Omedetou gozaimasu!~ 💛💙❤️💚💜 I love this fic~ (^ν^)

*clapping along* Congratz! I'm sorry I'm so late! I just started reafing my past emails just now. So I quickly go over all unread mails.

Congratz! Still it is a great thing to a have a winning chance! You should be proud, I am anyway!! *applausing again*