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February 2017
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smile_arigatou [userpic]
Smile-Arigatou Bag Shop!

Hello everyone!
This is the official page for my new fan-made Smile-Arigatou Bags!

Smile-Arigatou Bags are JE inspired tote bags that are perfect for travelling, shopping with, or just for everyday use! My bags are made from a sturdy cotton white tote bag and designed with colorful designs based on Johnny's Entertainment artists. They are perfect for showing off your love for your favorite group!

Everything but the group logos are designed by me, and everything is made to-order so there is no worry about a certain design selling out!

Every bag has one side dedicated to member names, but you can choose any design for the second side!

Arashi designs:

Arashi members

#1 Arashi 4 Dream

 #2 Arashi albums

#3 Arashi lyrics

#4 Arashi prince (pick his color!)

#5 Beautiful World

Hey! Say! JUMP designs:

HSJ Members

#1 HSJ logo

#2 HSJ Singles

#3 UMP Lyrics

News design:

News Members

News logo

Johnny's West design:

JW Members

JW Logo

How to order:
Please send me a private message or email me at arafanfm94@gmail.com. I only accept PayPal at this point.
Each bag is USD $20, and shipping rates will be calculated seperately when I actually ship the package. I ship internationally!

Name: ___
Address: ___
City: ___
Country: ___
Postal code: ___
PayPal email: ____
Order: ___ (ex: HSJ #3, Arashi Prince Green, JW Logo)
Favorite member: ___ (each bag will come with a heart located next to your favorite member's name)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! You can email me or comment below and I will answer as quickly as possible!

Thank you all so much!!! I hope to see everyone soon :)