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smile_arigatou [userpic]

Title: Gasping for Air (Prologue)
Author: smile-arigatou
Rating: Let's go PG-15 to R for now
Genre: Psychology, angst, romance
Pairing: Ohmiya, Sakuraiba
Summary: It's been years since Ninomiya Kazunari's alter 'Nino' has surfaced, and they had believed that he was finally gone for good. Nothing is ever as wonderful as it seems...

Darkness. So much darknessCollapse )

smile_arigatou [userpic]

Title: Trust Your Heart
Author: smile-arigatou
Rating: PG-15 for language and personal content
Pairing: NinoAi (friendship)


Nino curled up around his pillow, trying to become as small as he possibly could under his covers as he tried so desperately to ignore the fighting and bumps in the wall that only signaling that his parents were fighting. Again.

Nino hadn’t been blind. He could see his parents were having trouble. He could tell by how fed up his mother seemed to always be and the way his father would talk to her that it wouldn’t be long before someone moved out. “It’ll hopefully only be a temporary thing,” his mother assured him. “We aren’t going to be separated for very long. I just need to figure out who I am.”

Her son only nodded, muttered a few ‘I understand’s before he gave himself a chance to think it over. Nino’s mother was one of his only friends, but now she was leaving, just like everyone else. Of course he understood why Mom was leaving. He was tired of how Dad was acting too. But Nino wasn’t really sure if his mother and father really understood the pain that he was going through, being caught in the middle like he was. Mom always apologized for putting him in this position, but it still wasn’t enough to really convince Nino that she really understood his hurt and sorrow.

But it wasn’t like he could come right out and say it. Dad was already hurting enough. Mom was already hurting enough. They really didn’t need to see Nino hurting as well.

Nino thought about running away. He was only a year away from finishing his two-year degree before transferring to a bigger university. He was so close! But he wasn’t sure how long he could survive in such a tense atmosphere. He thought about transferring up anyway without his degree and suffering through it. He thought about not even going to school at all. He thought about quitting, saving his money, and running as far away from this place as he could possibly get. He could start over, chase a new dream, forget this place even existed. He could make new friends, go on a new adventure, and not have a single care in the world to worry about.

The only question was where he would go.

“You still alive in here?”

Nino looked out from under his blanket and saw his best friend, Aiba, walk in and sit next to him. “Are you okay?” Aiba asked.

“No, I’m not.” Nino sat up, finding that he had gone numb from all the crying he had done so far. “I feel like running away, actually.”

Aiba frowned. “Running away won’t solve your problems.”

“These aren’t my problems to solve! All of this is their fault!”

“Nino,” Aiba said gently taking his hand. “I know I’m not much help, but this will get better. This doesn’t have anything to do with you, yet I understand how hard this must be for you. I know I’m not much help, but please just hear me when I say I am so very sorry.”

Nino squeezed his hand, trying to find something to hang onto if only for a moment.

“Wanna run away to my house tonight?”

“Yes please!”

Aiba smiled, pulling Nino out of bed before embracing him hard with no intention of letting go. “It’ll be okay. Trust your heart. Do what is best for you. Don’t worry about what your parents are doing. This is your life, and their fighting has nothing to do with you. If you leaving is your way of getting past this, then do it. But don’t make a rash decision just yet.”

Nino wrapped his arms around him, feeling another wave of tears coming on as he sniffled and heard his best friend. “I hate this fucking situation.”

“Believe me. I do too.” Nino could feel Aiba start to rub small, soothing circles on his back to calm him down. “Let’s go.”


A/N: This is a slight explanation for why I've been very MIA here lately. Thank you so much sniperwish for helping me lately. I've been in a real bad spot here lately, and I'm trying to get out of this. I just wish I knew what to do.
Who wants to run away to Japan with me?

smile_arigatou [userpic]

Hey guys!

So today was my high school best friend's baby shower. For those who don't know, a baby shower is basically a party celebrating the mother and the unborn baby and people get to give gifts and onesies and diapers and the non-pregnant people get to drink wine and vodka and have a fabulous time.

Okay, I may have exaggerated on the vodka part.

But because I was so deathly sick yesterday, I had no time whatsoever to go and buy her a present until this morning. So I went out to Walmart and stocked up on onsies and baby wash and diapers and anything small a baby might need.

That led me to the following conclusions about where I am in my life:

1) I work at a preschool and I know nothing about babies. I had to call my sister to find out what the difference is between this baby wash and that baby wash. I got a few interesting looks from passerbys too. A worker even asked me if all of this stuff was for me. Believe me, its not. Unless God decided to make me the next Virgin Mother, I am not pregnant.

2) Baby diapers are so effing expensive! (seriously tho! A pack of 32 diapers for $5.97?) I have a greater appreciation for mothers and what they have to spend in order to keep their child happy. Like, holy crap.

3) I am officially old if I am standing in the middle of Walmart buying baby stuff for my best friend from high school.

Granted, I'm not that old! I'm only 21 years old. But it really makes one feel old when three of your friends from high school have already had a baby. I can barely hold a steady relationship as it is, how are you people able to stay together that long?!

It also makes me feel old when I go to work and I'm considered a veteran because I've been there longer than three years. Kids that I helped potty train are going into kindergarten! Like, what the hell happened?! You're supposed to be sweet and loving, not kicking and hitting and tattle taling on everyone around you!

I feel restless and unable to hold onto things that used to be so easy to cling to. Is all of this what it feels like to be old? Because if it is, please take me back to where I was eighteen and forty pounds lighter and I could actually write and update at a decent time!

That being said, 'IM SO SORRY. I'M TRYING. It's just that... I don't know, work is literally killing any sort of happiness I have right now and how can I write if I'm so tired all the time? I am working though... Or at least I'm trying to.

I hate getting old. 

smile_arigatou [userpic]

Title: Okaeri, Hikki
Author: smile-arigatou
Pairing: Sakurai Sho x Utada Hikaru
Summary: Sho and Hikki are married, and it's the morning of her comeback announcement.
A/N: Because Hikki is coming back and between that and the News Zero theme she's doing my ShoxHikaru heart has just not been able to contain itself. Unbetaed. Sorry guys! Enjoy anyway!

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Comments are love!!

smile_arigatou [userpic]

Hey guys!
I know. It's been forever. Throw stones at me later.
I just wanted to share something I am SOOOO very excited about and super honored to be a part of.


Now, for 2014, both my stories 'Breathless' and 'Snow on the Peak' were nominated, but everyone seemed to really like them so it was like 'yeah, I did good!' But this time, it's different. 'Poston' was so iffy and so different than anything else anyone had done that to be nominated for ANYTHING let alone three or four categories is AMAZING. It makes me feel validated. Makes me want to keep writing.

It was definitely a nice surprise to wake up to.

I don't know who nominated me, and frankly it doesn't really matter. You helped me with my writer's block a little bit and it makes me want to write more so that I can make you all happy again. The fact that you liked 'Poston' enough to nominate it for something like the Arashi Fanfiction Awards is humbling and so exciting! Thank you so much for your nomination, Anon! It really means a lot!

I'll see you all soon! Hopefully next time it will be a story update!
<3 smile-arigatou aka Bree

smile_arigatou [userpic]

Title: How to Fall in Love Without Really Trying (3/?)
Author: smile-arigatou
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, fluff, comedy
Pairing: SAKURAIBA! (woohoo!), Ohmiya, Jun x Mao
Summary: It’s 2014, Arashi’s 15th anniversary. For the members themselves, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually perform and hold a concert in Hawaii. For Yuki Sakurai, it’s her grand opportunity to finally try and get her Papa and Uncle Aiba together and fall in love and be happily ever after!


Chapter threeCollapse )

smile_arigatou [userpic]

Hey guys.

I'm taking advantage of the limited internet I have at work since I've had none at home since Monday. Right as I'm starting class too. Woohoo me.

So anyway!
I'm sorry I haven't posted any stories yet this year. I'm kind of in a funk as far as writing goes. I have like no ideas or motivation to write, and what I do have motivation for isn't really what you guys have showed me you're interested in. Which is my Sakuraiba Yuki story. It also doesn't help that my semester has barely started and family is already making me second guess my career choice again, But I will try and really get something done soon.

Again, I'm really sorry guys. As soon as I have real motivation to write, it will be all I can think about. Please, just hold off until then?


smile_arigatou [userpic]


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I had a great holiday simply because I got an entire week off from work! (yay me!) I have to go back on Monday, which kind of sucks, but that just means that life is slowly going to start getting back to normal. I still need to register for classes, which I will probably do sometime next week, and that also means that my writing habits need to get back to normal. I completely understand that my writing has really suffered these past few months (or perhaps past year), and I'm really going to try and make a genuine effort to get better and to actually write stuff that both the author and the readers will enjoy.

That's why I've decided to make a New Years Resolution for you guys! That way I can try and uphold my promises, and if I don't then you guys have to discipline me and tell me so that I can fix it.

Here are my promises:

1) I promise I will not write as many Arashi x Yuki fanfics as I've been writing lately. I will finish 'How to Fall in Love', but as far as one-shots are concerned, I'll try to focus more on actual Arashi pairings. I have a feeling you guys are getting tired of my little Sakurai baby.

2) I promise I will finish 'Missing' this year! I've actually hit a road block in the story, but as soon as I figure out a way around it, then it will be up in no time!

3) I promise I will try and work on writing more Arashi pairings. That means less Ohmiya and more Sakuraiba and more Matsumiya and more Sakumiya and yeah you get my point. I will try! Ohmiya still owns my heart though, so my stories will probably be more them than anything.

4) I promise to try and comment to fanfics I read and that I will do better about responding to comments on my page. I've become really bad at that and it is something I will try to fix.

I will really try and keep to my promises this year! I'm going to be starting my final year of school though here in a few weeks, so if things get hectic and I disappear, that's where I am. I will definitely try though! That's all I can do, right?

I, smile-arigatou, promise to give my readers more of what they like this year. But I'm still going to write what feelings come to me, so I can't promise that there won't be major feels involved.


I'll see you guys soon! =)
<3 smile-arigatou

smile_arigatou [userpic]

Title: Omedetou Masaki and Yuki!
Author: smile-arigatou
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, family, AU
Pairing: Sakuraiba, slight Ohmiya, Sho x OC, Aiba x OC
Summary: It's Aiba-shi's and Yuki's birthday! And Arashi decided to throw an extra special surprise for their Miracle Boy and smallest biggest fan.

Dedicated to my best friend, sniperwish, and her undying love for all things Aiba Masaki. Merry Christmas Twishie-chan!

I'll definitely take you along with me to show you this radiance.Collapse )

smile_arigatou [userpic]

Title: My Little Girl
Author: smile-arigatou
Rating: G
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Sakurai x OC
Genre: Family
Summary: It's his daughter's sixth birthday, and Sho takes a beautiful moment of being a father.

Happy birthday, Yuki-chan!Collapse )

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