smile_arigatou (smile_arigatou) wrote,

I'm Home! (Drabble)

Title: I'm Home (drabble)
Author: smile-arigatou
Rating: PG
Genre: Love
A/N: Comments are love! Thank you for reading!


“Tadaima!” Ohno called happily as he rushed inside the apartment. “Nino? Are you here?”

He heard a soft ‘hmm’ that could only belong to his boyfriend.

“Good news!” Ohno said as he tore off his shoes and went to find Nino. “I have the next two days off! They’re giving me a little break because of how well the drama shooting is going.” He soon found Nino sitting in front of the window in the kitchen, staring out the window like he was deep in thought. “Kazu? You alright?”

Nino finally tore his eyes away from the window to look up at him. His face looked puffy, like he had been crying recently, but he only nodded and responded. “That’s good, Oh-chan. You need a break. They’ve been working you to death on this romantic comedy.”

Ohno quickly pulled a chair out to sit next to Nino. “Why are you sad?” he asked gently. “Did you see your dad today?”

He expected Nino to smirk and offer a new excuse or maybe even call him ‘baka’ like he did fondly most of the time. However, this time Nino’s face only dropped a little more and he went back to look back out the window.

“What did he say?”

Nino looked back at him. “Deep down,” he started. “I had always hoped that maybe Mom and Dad would find themselves back to each other. I knew it was a lot to ask for, but I always had a sliver of hope. Now…. It won’t happen….”

“What happened?”

“He’s marrying someone else. And I’m scared.”

“Why? Is she scary?” Ohno asked, trying to joke.

“I’m scared that I’m going to turn out like my parents. Satoshi, I love you more than anything. But my parents also used to love each other. And look how they turned out. They hate each other! They always fight and bicker, and they clearly fell out of whatever love they had. I don’t want to lose you, Satoshi, and I’m terri—“

Ohno quickly pulled Nino into a tight hug and just held him. It allowed Nino to cry freely now, and his sobs rocked against Ohno’s chest in an almost uncomfortable way, but Ohno refused to let go.

“Listen to me,” Ohno began. “The only way we would ever end up like those two is if we allow it. Whatever problems we have, we talk it over, right? Whatever concerns or worries we get, we discuss it and work from there. I will never give up on you, Kazunari. Even if for some reason you give up on me, I will always be here waiting for you to come home. I love you so much, Kazu. I’ll never let you go as long as I live.”

He felt Nino’s arms hold onto him tighter as he said those words, like he was truly afraid of letting go.

Ohno didn’t mind at all. He meant every word.

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