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Smile Went to Las Vegas!

Hey my friends!
Have you missed me?
I know... I've been kind of not here as of late, but I am trying to get back into writing! I actually have a story I'm working on so try and keep a look out!

Anyway, this last weekend, my mom and I decided to go to Las Vegas. Mom had a few concert tickets to go and see her Country Music love, George Strait, and while we were there we decided to spend the next two days visiting the crazy Las Vegas city and try not to get lost in all of the crowds. If you haven't been to Vegas, let me tell you a few secrets:

1) Get a bus pass or a monorail pass. Seriously, those things are your friends. It's less driving and the monorail will actually stop you at specific casinos so that you can go and visit. It's a lot of fun and takes a lot of time out from having to walk.
2) Be prepared to walk. Even if you get a bus or a monorail pass, you have to practically walk all along the Strip to different casinos and attractions. It's really not so bad, but bring shoes you can walk in comfortably and that won't kill your feet.
3) There are A LOT of people in Vegas! Most of them are tourists, so try not to get lost. Even if you do or if you're trying to find a specific place, find an employee and they will more than gladly help you get to where you want to go. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

I've actually been to Las Vegas more than a few times since I live about two hours away. Twice I went with school, once with Mom for another concert, twice with my church, and the last time I went I went to ComiCon. The last five times I went, I NEVER had a chance to go back to the Bellagio, let alone go walk the street to find out where Jun and Mao stood.

All weekend long, I kept telling Mom that going to the fountains is the only major thing I wanted to do. I HAD to find this spot! Every time I think of Domyouji and Makino, I think of them at the water shows. And my mom actually took me! I was so excited that it didn't matter if I was swamped by millions of people or not. It took a while to find the spot because there's not an actual marking (of course), but after a while the crowds kind of died down and I was able to walk easier. Mom would be like "Isn't this it?" and I would be looking at my picture like "Um, no because they were standing on the right side of the Bellagio, and we're on the left." Eventually, Mom stopped asking and she let me go on ahead on my own. I kept looking at the photo I saved, knowing it HAD to be around there somewhere!

Finally, I looked up at the beautiful hotel, then I looked down at my photo, and I looked up again.
I found it.

I waited a while until a few people were done by the light fixture, then I grabbed that spot and just stood there. I felt so happy and so at peace with myself that for a while all I could do was just close my eyes and take it in. I thought I would be bouncing with excitement, but I was actually really collected and really just 'at peace' with it. When the water show started, I felt like I had finally accomplished my Las Vegas dream.

We probably stood at the fountains for at least 45 minutes before Mom was ready to go home, so I had Mom take my picture with my 'Arashi 4 Dream' bag and we went back to the hotel.

It's by far the best memory I have of Las Vegas. And next time you guys want to go to the crazy city, call me and we'll make plans to go visit the fountains together! Standing in the spot as Matsujun felt magical, and I can't wait to go back!

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